A Close Brush With The Thread Of Death…

I had always been fascinated with nearly headless Nick, but I never knew I would have a close enough experience of what he may have gone through…    
What a good day it was, when I decided to go out of my house to get some things on my motorcycle. 

There I was on the street, riding the winds, in my mind, I already was featuring in my dilo ki smoker hai meri motor/ dilo ki unloader hai meri motor. A very fortunate day indeed, when I decided not to wear my helmet because, “arrey sath wali gali tak hi to jana hai kya zarurat hai!”

But my day dreams of stardom were soon torn apart by a sharp nylon thread, drifting in fast towards my neck. I couldn’t use my hands in defence, I didn’t want to crash and lose my bones. But I knew if I didn’t do something I would lose my throat and my face. 
Subconsciously I pulled myself back while trying to heroically master the controls of my bike, physics’ law of linear momentum came into play and the delayed impact of the thread on my neck only caused 2 non lethal cuts.   This was the day I thanked God that he gifted me with a thick skin, because the thread had stopped mere inches away from my blood vessels. 

In the chaos caused by that synthetic manjha I had lost track of the lane I was riding in. By the time I comprehended that a thread had just nearly killed me, I was already facing a truck coming at me with high speed. 

With my miraculous reflexes and a huge stroke of luck I was able to avoid the truck and gain the upper hand on the road. 

But I was wise to know, the real danger lay at home. If you have a mother like mine, you know you don’t get special treatment if you get hurt. You get care sure, but it is coated with a good scolding and a lot of “mai to pehle hi kehti thi…”, everything ultimately ending with a detainment of at least a week and complimentary taunts for the rest of your life.

Later at home, it dawned upon me, what was a close call in my case had already been a death toll for many. This synthetic thread had claimed many lives, animals, children and adults alike. To my relief as well as disbelief, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) had already put a ban on nylon and synthetic origin manjhas ages ago. 

Kites have always been a rave in the independence season, but how ironic it is that someone’s hi-tech manjha out there has taken the freedom of many permanently. If you too are a kite enthusiast, and you want to show your neighbour who is the boss in a kite match, then aim for cutting their thread instead of unintentionally slitting  someone’s throat. 

This independence season, have a feels good emotion instead of having  someone’s blood on your hands. Spread awareness around you about what kind of manjha to buy. As it is with everything else out there, apparently ‘organic’ manjhas are the thing to go for. And there you go youtube, you have another tutorial video’s content, “How to buy manjha for kite flying!”
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Change is Coming!

Belonging to a generation often called the millennials, we are well acquainted with the phrase — “Winter is coming” which is the motto of House Stark, a fictional family ruling in the fictional land of Winterfell in the fictional world of A Song of Ice and Fire (a novel series by George R R Martin), better known by Game of Thrones, it’s television adaptation by HBO.

This iconic phrase popularized by Lord Eddard Stark, played by Sean Bean (May the gods both old and new rest the souls of all the characters played by Mr. Bean) speaks of constant vigilance and preparedness.

These words also emphasize on the inevitability of a coming winter and all the changes that come with it, both good and bad. In fact these words are less of a warning and more of a promise that shall be fulfilled eventually in its true sense. And it’s a promise that I’m writing about in this article.


A promise that stands truer with every passing second. A promise of change. Oh, I’ll just say it — “Change is coming”. And yes I know I’m not being entirely original but there’s a purpose behind this madness. Change is as inevitable as the turn of time. It simply cannot be avoided or escaped.

But we are humans after all, the kings and queens of Earth, the apex predators. How can we just submit to this phenomenon known as change? Just like our fore fathers and their forefathers before them, we choose to resist change, to fight it with all our might. And yet, we’ve failed, time and again as evident in the tales of history.

“The only thing constant in life is change”

Though, in some rare moments of retrospection, we do embrace it. And it’s not because the tides of change always wash away our weak resistance but because with enough time and understanding we realize the implications of this change. We realize that the change we sought to fight is actually for our own benefit.

Sadly enough this realization doesn’t come unless it becomes the absolute need (of the hour), a necessity for our survival. By that time we’ve already spent much of our resources fighting the inevitable instead of building upon the foundation of our own future.

The subject of my amusement is why do we, as a race, categorically vilify the very notion of change. What is it about change that touches all the wrong nerves in us? In all my findings the answer to this lies in the very definition of change in question.

“One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up, instead of what they have to gain”

It’s about finding the right perspective towards the subject of change, which when done right leads to not only a change in our lives but a change in us, in simpler terms it leads to our evolution (I beg of mercy from biologists), from “Human Beings to HUMANE Beings.”

The change that I speak of right now is for us to start caring about our fellow beings and the environment around us. This change I speak of is for us to finally give a damn about things beyond our personal wants and needs. This change I speak of is for us to take up the mantle of responsibility and make our long-developing nation into a developed one.

Hence, I implore you my fellow humans, prepare for a state of change. Embrace the future and evolve before time forces you to. Ride the wave of a social evolution with #Festive (A Socio-Tech Platform) and lead the humane by ushering them into an era of Social Growth and Responsibility.

Festive Board RHS

As I’ve already promised you “Change is Coming.”

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